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live in muensterrelease info

artist: the [law-rah] collective
title: live in muenster
label: danvers state recordings

"live, analog improvisations from one of the masters of the drone/noise genre. a slow, methodical journey through sub-bass drones and sputtering noise. edition of 50 in a clear plastic ziplock bag" - label promo

what is this thing about tapes ...

when i was younger you copied music from your friends because it was basically (back then) the only thing we could afford in higher numbers. sitting next to the radio, finger near the pause or play/record and creating compilations. or the other way around, give a few tapes to friends and just listen what they recorded for you. and if you didn't like it, you'ld simply re-use the tape and take it from there.

the beautiful thing was that recording a tape for someone else would mean a 1-on-1 time effort. if you would be recording 2 C90's with a 'best of' from your vinyl collection, it would take you at least 4 or 5 hours to do this. without any doubt forcing you to listen and re-listen - and enjoying - your music over and over again. you would enjoy doing it for people around you cared about, and who were truly interested in what you had to share.

it was 'illegal' back then also, but who cared. there was only so much music available amongst your contacts. and as the quality from tapes decayed over the years, the ultimate goal was to buy the vinyl from the stuff you really liked.

it was true promotion, in the way it is now 'abused' by the mp3 scene. compare the above by sending someone a mp3 dvd with 4 gig's of music 'which is so awesome, you should hear' ... done in 10 minutes, put on the web one minute later ... and 4 gig of 128 kbps mp3's is like what, 70 hours worth of music ... done in 10 minutes ... compare that to the 1-on-1 effort we had to do back then ...

please understand that i personally do appreciate supporting the collective and promoting the music to your friends. i've had many mails from people telling me their stories of how they came to know our music. but also understand my background and respect the artists (all artists) in their effort to create.

bauke van der wal
utrecht, july 23rd 2009