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touch me im sickrelease info

artist: the [law-rah] collective
title: touch me, i'm sick
side a: leary was a headbanger
side b: einstein was a punkrocker
artwork: thomas ekelund
label: fukk tapes lets erase

punk as we all know it has always been a culture based on rebellion, discontent and a strong aversion against authority. politically the main focus of punk developped towards socialism as well as anarchy, with anarchy being the ultimate synergy of rebellion and the anti- authoritarianism believes.

freedom of thought and exploration of the individual beliefs was also the basics of great minds in the 20th century as there were timothy leary and albert einstein. true anarchists who both wrote a manual for creating an independent and individual truth. where leary used psychedelics to reach a new reality, einstein scientifically proved that all reality is relative, depending on its frame of reference.

this release is a tribute to these true punks of the 20th century.

personal note:
in this day and age of digitalisation it's becoming harder and harder to come up with ideas or concepts which are strong enough to make a statement. worldwide sales are going down, and a recent article wrote about a 20 to 1 rate when it came to illegal versus legal downloads. point of the article and what scared me was the fact that that 1 legal download also included all ringtones.

so i felt stronger about getting back to the punk-attitude of the late 70's / early 80's. a heavy d.i.y. scene where concept and attitude was stronger then the perfect production or artwork. so it was time to work on a release about which I've been thinking a lot. a cassette, ultra limited on the label 'fukk tapes lets erase'